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Hi, I'm Aisha Aladdin, owner & founder of Omara's Botanica, LLC in Buffalo, NY. I am clairvoyant and Clairaudient. I practice Hoodoo and have been practicing Hoodoo my entire life.Practicing Hoodoo was a normal lifestyle in my household. At Omara's Botanica, all walks of life are welcomed. 
The name "Omara's Botanica" is name after my beautiful mother Yasmin Omara Aladdin. My mother, who was gifted with being able to communicate with spirit, practiced Hoodoo and was a spiritualist, wanted to create a safe space for individuals like herself. Her dream was to create a safe space for everyone who wanted to learn about spirituality and not get bashed for it. She wanted to be able to teach everyone how to work on themselves, so they could be completely ready for their spiritual awakening and to be able to completely communicate with their ancestors. She wanted to open a Botanica for all walks of life after her retirement.
Unfortunately and Fortunately, our dear mother became a crowned ancestor in March 2019 after suffering a Stroke due to hypertension and Kidney failure. As a way to Honor my dear mother and continue my path with Spirituality, I decided to fulfill my mother's dream by Starting Omara's Botanica, LLC in June 5, 2021.